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All cursors on this page presently are non-animated pointers. To use this page, simply browse the available icons to the right to download the pointer of your choice. All cursors on this page are Windows 2000/XP only. If you run an old version of Windows click here.

First off let me just say that these cursors use a very little known capability in Windows 2000 and XP to use anti-aliasing and transparencies that was only discovered during beta work on Microangelo 5.5. As a result, the images to the left only show the anti-aliasing work and don't give a true demonstration of the transparency capabilities in this undocumented feature. Download them and install them on your box and behold their true glory.

To use these cursors:

  • download these files and extract them to your %systemroot%\cursors directory.
  • Go to Control Panel, mouse.
  • Select the pointers tab, select working in background and/or default cursor and then browse for your new cursor files in the default listed directory.

 If you are looking for the old static and animated cursors, click here.


Mr. Horsepower

63 vette



ghost cursor