An application can run the best code in the world, but if it looks bad (the icons, interface and usability are poor), what message does that send to the user about the general quality of your application?

The digitalgarage has been developing icons and interface graphics for over 4 years. Our background covers a diverse array of talents including marketing, graphics design, and troubleshooting/debugging of 32bit applications for Microsoft's current platforms all the way up to XP and the upcoming release of .Net Server.

This diverse background not only gives us a very deep understanding surrounding how Microsoft OS's work to the kernel level, We also understand how applications targeted at specific demographics and types of users are developed to run in the Windows environment and how they should look and feel to meet the specific needs of users in those demographics. This broad talent base means that we can very quickly and easily deliver on your needs and speak at a technical level with members of your team to help deliver on the vision as well as the integration of the look into the code.

If you would like more information about how the digitalgarage can help you succeed on your next software project or application/program branding, or would like to see samples of our work outside of what is here on the website, send us an e-mail and let us show you how working with us can make your code look as good on the outside as you take the time to make it run on the inside.