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To use this page, simply browse the available icons to the right. All the icons on this page are XP only currently. Note that in XP in order to see the icons correctly you need to be running with at least 24 bit color.

All the old Windows 9x/NT 4.0/Windows2000, Macintosh and Linux icons are here.

To get the full use out of the icons on this page, you should do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Impact Software. Be sure to check out Microangelo and/or OnDisplay. They are two of the industry's premier interface customization/icon drawing/management tools, they work on every flavor of Windows out there and they are some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

If your interested in doing it the hard way with only tools built into the OS, here is how you do it:

To use these icons in Windows xp:

  • Right click on the Desktop, choose Properties
  • Select the Desktop tab
  • On the Desktop tab, choose the "Customize Desktop..." button
  • The General tab allows you to turn on or off your desktop icons and control which icon is used for them.

To use these icons in all other versions of Windows:

  • Right click the desktop and choose Properties

  • Select the "Effects" or "Plus!" Tab (depending on which one you have)

  • Select the Desktop Icon you wish to change

  • Select "Change Icon"

  • Select the "Browse" button

  • Select the location of the unzipped icons

  • Change the "Files of Type" pull-down to "All Files"

  • Choose the ICL icon set you wish to open and pick the icon from.

In addition to your desktop icons, you can also use them on shortcuts to folders or applications by right clicking on the shortcut and choosing the "Change Icon..." button on the Shortcut Tab.


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