Windows icons
Macintosh format icons! click the icons to download the self-extracting Stuffit file to your computer. The sample icons on this page are 48x48 pixel images, since Macintosh can only display 32x32 and smaller icons in its shell at the present time, only the 32x32 and smaller versions will be available for use on your Mac. Rumor has it that OS X has support for 48x48 pixel icons, so the good news is that these icons already contain the larger size and are just waiting for the opportunity to get a good run on your desktop.

Ported by Doug Monson

carbon fiber 32 icons
Lightweight icons that are tougher than steel


celestial bodies 38 icons
Created from offical NASA images, most of the orbting bodies in the solar sytem are here


checkered 21 icons

Can you name anyone who ever came in second? Me neither


chrome 22 icons
If it won't go fast, chrome it


eeprom 16 icons
eeprom: electronically erasable programmable read only memory.


flames 24 icons
Flames: The quintesenntial hot rod paint job


folders 27 icons
folders, copland stylee!


glass 77 icons
Nothing like watching the road zing past through a seafoam green windshield


high-po 13 icons
Get out the pixel impact wrench and slap ya together a desktop hot rod!


hot rod 27 icons
One-off tire squealing icons


networking 18 icons (42 total)
Dedicated to the server workhorses of the Internet.


signs 25 icons
Street Signs, they always look better when your passing them in a rod...


tinted glass 36 icons
a DG remix, its actually the icon set Glass, inverted. But it looks cool on black desktops!


vintage steel 8 icons
When cars were cars and gas was 50


windows 2000 22 icons

These icons commemorated the release of Windows 2000