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All Aluminum LS1 for my 37 Cabriolet09/16/02 The engine is here and has been set in the frame so that work on other systems may begin around its presence. Sourced from Street and Performance in Mena Ar. who are the nicest bunch of guys to deal with (Ask for Mark, he runs the place). I even got a tour of the facilities while I was there by John, they do their own aluminum casting, polishing, and chroming on site. Pretty incredible stuff.

In the final assembly area they had a few big blocks, a new hemi motor and several LT1s getting the final trim and bracketry.

Brake components are on their way, more wrench turning to come.


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02/16/02 The day has finally come! The car to the left has been procured and will become the basis of my rolling piece of artwork. The body is based roughly on a 1937 Ford Cabriolet.  The chassis is all custom and currently in construction at Janow's Rod Shop in Dalton. I hope to take delivery in the next 30-40 days and begin my work on the car which will include interior, drivetrain, electrical, pretty much everything else that I can do myself.

As a point for reference, all of the new cursors and icons being developed are specifically for Windows XP. There are still plenty of old ones still available, but I will bet once you see how good the new XP style icons look, you will wonder what you are doing without it (xp that is)!

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