Click on the images below to see it fullsize in a new window. the larger the resolution, the larger the file size. To set the image as your wallpaper, right click the image when it appears in the new window and choose "set as wallpaper".

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full screen wallpaper


French's Ghia

Posie's Ghost Rider

Sports Car with a 6" trunk


Vintage Steel
Lexus Street Rod
Lexus Street Rod

36 Roadster
Lexus street rod's VVTi motor
Lexus Powerplant

 No Boundries Fairlane

tiled wallpaper


Hot Coals

Water on Paint

Digital Garage Metal

Processor on circuits


centered wallpaper
Chevrolet Bel-Air, can you guess the year?
RGB colors: 58,71,95
  Posies Ghost Rider, the coolest 37 phantom on the planet
RGB colors:
digital garage wallpaper
RGB colors:0,0,0
  Lexus street rod VVTi motor
Any RGB Value

To use the centered images above, set the RGB color by selecting the desktop item and choosing: Color pulldown, and then Other. Enter the RGB values under Red, Green, Blue to the right of the dialog box respectively. These settings are accessed via the Appearance tab under Display Properties, this will make the background color the same as the border when you center the image as your background. These RGB values are calibrated for 16 bit color depth. If you run higher color depths than this, you will have to sample the correct color yourself or e-mail me and I will give you the correct values for your color depth.

All wallpapers on this site are for private personal use only. They may not be placed on other sites for downloads or used for any other purposes other than your personal computer's wallpaper without written permission from the author.